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Big tech finally challenges Fathom Analytics

A billion dollar company has finally stepped into the privacy-first analytics space. What does this mean for small businesses?

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Let’s talk about Friday and the Cloudflare outage

On Friday 17th July, the internet collapsed for 27 minutes.

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I quit my job to work on Fathom Analytics full time

As 2020 came around, it was becoming clear to me that I couldn’t handle my full time job and run Fathom, so I had to leave.

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How to talk to your client or boss about a switch to Fathom

We get it, your clients or boss may not have heard of Fathom Analytics yet, since we’re mostly popular in the privacy, blogging and SaaS space.

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Why we changed our pricing to focus on regular-sized businesses

The reasoning behind why we are nott interested in enterprise and are focusing on regular-sized businesses

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From almost shutting down Fathom Analytics to tripling our MRR

It’s hard to imagine that a year ago Fathom almost disappeared forever.

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Fathom loves Statamic

There are no shortage of modern, flat-file CMS’ out there.

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