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Building the world's fastest website analytics

For over a year, we'd been struggling to keep up with our analytics data growth. Fathom had been growing at the speed of light, with more and more people ditching Google Analytics, and our data ingestion had been going through the roof.

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Someone attacked our company

At the start of November, someone decided that they would try to attack and destroy our company. Here’s how we stopped them.

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Hosted vs self-hosted website analytics

When deciding which analytics software to use for your website, one of the questions to be considered is whether you want to use a managed service or use self hosted analytics.

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What happened to our infrastructure when a customer got over 10 million page views in a few hours?

One of our customers, who were no strangers to viral content, had launched a new project that had gone unbelievably viral.

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What tech stack does Fathom Analytics use?

When developers use a product like Fathom Analytics, the first question that comes to mind is “What tech stack is this company using?”. I personally love reading through company tech blog posts where they talk about their stacks.

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A 1 year review of Laravel Vapor

As one Laravel Vapor's first customers, we wanted to walk you through a review of costs, scaling, reliability and more. Here's what we've found after using Vapor for almost a year.

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We rebuilt Fathom Analytics from the ground up and moved to Laravel Vapor

In this article, we’re going to talk in-depth about our experience with Heroku and why we decided to move to Laravel Vapor.

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How we built a GDPR compliant website analytics platform without using cookies

Fathom Analytics is GDPR compliant website analytics without cookies.

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