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How to talk to your client or boss about a switch to Fathom

news  Paul Jarvis · Jan 22, 2020

We get it, your clients or boss may not have heard of Fathom Analytics yet, since we’re mostly popular in the privacy, blogging and SaaS space.

That said, our software can work well for any small business that cares about both the privacy of their website visitors and being able to see important data about their website quickly.

Here are just a few ideas to help your clients or boss understand why switching to Fathom Analytics from Google Analytics may make a whole lot of sense:

We sell software, not data

It’s a very different business model. And while Google Analytics is free to use, your client or company is actually paying for it by giving them huge amounts of data about their website visitors, so they can profit off of it. Make sure you’re up to date on all privacy concerns regarding Google before you speak with your client or company about this. Our business is much more simple: your client or company pays us a reasonable fee for Fathom Analytics, and that’s how we generate money. We don’t need to track personal details about visitors because that’s not how we make money. In fact, we anonymize that data.

Cookie notices are annoying

Since our software doesn’t collect personal or invasive data, and we don’t use cookies, your client or company website doesn’t need to have those pesky notices about cookie tracking. Oh, and we’re fully GDPR, CCPA and PECR compliant. No more “Click to agree” or having valuable screen real estate taken up with legal notices.

Fathom analytics is actually GDPR compliant (even under Schrems II)

Several EU countries have ruled that it’s illegal to use Google Analytics (even with a consent notice). Meaning, as a website owner, your site wouldn’t align with the GDPR and you’d potentially risk being fined.

We work great with WordPress

If your client or business uses WordPress (like 35% of the internet), then you can see your Fathom Analytics dashboard directly inside of your WordPress admin dashboard, with our easy to install plugin. So you can view your website analytics without leaving the WordPress admin panel.

Our software is simple

Your clients or company don’t have to take a course on Fathom Analytics to understand how it works and then see the benefits, since our software is a single screen of well-organized important data. We don’t want our customers to have to spend hours using Fathom, that’d cut into time they could better spend running their business. Most Google Analytics users don’t (or don’t know how) to use most of their reporting features, which wastes valuable time.

By focusing on being a simple website analytics tool, we can be fast to load and fast to get the information you need to make business decisions from analytics.

Privacy is a growing trend

Your client or company doesn’t want to be left on the wrong side of protecting customer personal data. Digital privacy is a hot topic right now, and more consumers are asking the companies they spend money with to better protect their data and digital rights. Fathom Analytics was built to do this, and makes sure no personal data about website visitors is ever collected, tracked or sold. By using Fathom Analytics your clients or company can be leaders in the privacy space.

We have fully GDPR, CCPA, PECR compliant website analytics.

Our tracker is fast, so fast

Unlike almost every other “privacy focused” analytics platform, Fathom Analytics uses on-demand, auto-scaling servers that are best-in-class for load time. We handle tens of millions of page views per month easily. This means your website will load quickly, and it’ll help your website rank higher in searches (since faster sites are weighted higher). Our tracker file is served via our super-fast CDN, with endpoints located around the world to ensure fast page loads. Our software is also built to handle billions of pageviews, so huge traffic spikes are tracked easily and don’t ever slow down your client or customer websites.

Weekly and monthly email reports

Your customers or clients are busy running their businesses, so Fathom Analytics has an optional weekly/monthly email report that’s emailed out to every customer. It gives a quick insight into page views relative to the previous week or month, which is an important data snapshot for any website.

Alternatively, if you are hosting your clients on your own Fathom account, you can set-up a weekly / monthly report that they can receive automatically.


We also offer a 25% lifetime commission to people who refer customers through our affiliate program. That means any client you refer to us, you can make 25% from their plan for life. So not only do they get a great analytics platform for their website, but you also get a cut. If they use your affiliate link, they’ll also save $10 on their first invoice.

Fathom Analytics may not be right for every client or company, so check out our dashboard demo or sign up for a 30-day free trial of our software. We think your clients and customers will enjoy our simple, privacy-focused analytics software. And of course, if they have any questions, they can reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help get their question answered quickly.

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