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Announcing Phantom Analyzer

news  Paul Jarvis · Oct 28, 2020

NOTE: Phantom Analyzer is now an open-source project and is available here.

On the internet, you are never truly alone.
Something is always lurking in the shadows.
You can’t see it, but it’s there…
…following you wherever you go online.

That’s why we’ve created a fun, free and simple tool called Phantom Analyzer.

Phantom Analyzer is a real-time website scanner to see what invisible creepers are lurking and collecting information about you online. All you need to do is visit (no longer online) and enter the URL you are curious about. It’ll then tell you how scary the website is based on the data it’s collecting.

What is Phantom Analyzer?

According to our analysis of search results, some folks hear "phantom" when we say "fathom”. So a while back we registered, just to keep in our back pockets. We wanted to create something fun for Halloween that related to digital privacy, and Phantom Analyzer was born.

Because cross-site tracking happens unseen, in the shadows, we’ve always found that to be “spooky”.

Phantom Analyzer encourages you to share the results of your own website, or the website you’ve scanned, to let others know that it’s either “free from spooky trackers” or that it’s got “trackers present and lurking in the shadows”.

Why is Fathom Analytics the least scary privacy-first website analytics?

Fathom Analytics doesn’t do anything spooky with website visitor data and is fully GDPR, PECR and CCPA compliant. Our technology makes it impossible to track people across multiple websites, and instantly makes any of their personal data anonymous - because website owners can understand and make decisions based on their website stats… without collecting personal details about their visitors. Try a 30-day free trial of our privacy-first analytics software.

Our aim with Phantom (and Fathom) is to make the internet a less scary place, giving less power to ghoulishly big tech companies.

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