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Can you still export Universal Analytics data?

news  Paul Jarvis · Jun 2, 2023

As of July 1, 2023, Google has replaced Universal Analytics with GA4. Meaning UA will no longer process new data.

Essentially: you can no longer use UA for website analytics.

Google is deleting your Universal Analytics data on July 1, 2024. This means you still have a lot of time to export your data from Google Analytics and import it into Fathom Analytics.

Save your historical Universal Analytics data forever

Because Fathom Analytics has forever data retention (meaning, unlike Google, we don’t delete your data), once you’ve imported UA (or GA4) data into Fathom Analytics, you can see that data on your dashboard forever.

And, as a bonus: our dashboard is much easier to understand and use; we’re a privacy-first company (meaning we’re GDPR compliant), and because we sell software (not data), we have no reason to delete data for paying customers as that’d be bad for business.

Export Universal Analytics data

Because time runs out on July 1, 2024, you can export your UA data into Fathom in four simple steps. Thousands of people with billions of pageviews have already used our GA importer to bring the UA and GA4 data into Fathom Analytics.

The process is simple:

  1. Connect your Google Analytics account to your Fathom account. This works for Universal Analytics and GA4 properties
  2. Create a new import with a single GA site or several GA sites
  3. Select a date range you wish to import
  4. Click “import”

That’s it. Our customers have been pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy it’s been to import their GA data into Fathom Analytics.

“Fathom has an incredible Google Analytics import tool (UA & GA4) with the lowest friction of any import tool I’ve ever used. If you care about your website analytics data, get out of Google Analytics and into Fathom Analytics ASAP. They’ll never delete your data.” Alex Bass

“All of Google’s pestering about the forced migration to GA4 has served as a great reminder to purge Google Analytics from all my site properties. Thankfully @usefathom has made it super simple to import all my old data before wiping.” Curtis Herbert

Why choose Fathom Analytics as the best Google Analytics alternative

Fathom is a privacy-first analytics company that worries about digital privacy laws like GDPR and Schrems II, so you don’t have to.

Our business model differs from Big Tech because we charge a fair price for our software instead of offering something for free and opaquely monetizing data in creepy or scary ways.

We offer a 30-day free trial without any restrictions (as in, sign up for a free trial and import all your UA or GA4 data right away). A month will give you plenty of time to see how easy website analytics can be and how Fathom can be an excellent choice for your business and its website. Pricing then starts at just $14/month.

So start a free 30-day trial today and export your analytics data from Universal Analytics or GA4.

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