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Privacy stories

Stories about companies who have a true mandate to be privacy-focused.

Published on
June 21, 2021

Privacy Stories: The Markup

The Markup is proving that a newsroom can be unbiased in its reporting, share how they came to the conclusions they’re making, and build awareness around complicated but essential issues.

Paul Jarvis
Published on
May 13, 2021

Privacy Stories: Sparktoro

Sparktoro identifies where an audience spends their time and attention (using public information on social media).

Paul Jarvis
Published on
December 8, 2020

Privacy Stories: Fastmail

Fastmail has proven (over the long term), that charging a fair price for software can keep your business running and growing indefinitely.

Paul Jarvis
Published on
November 18, 2020

Privacy stories: DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo has been leading the privacy-focused space since 2008 with their search engine.

Paul Jarvis

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