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Community guidelines for developing plugins, integrations and connections to Fathom Analytics

We’re thrilled and happy when developers want to extend Fathom Analytics and build integrations or additional tools that work with our privacy-focused software.

As our software involves our exclusive intellectual property, there are a few things to note if you are building and marketing software that uses, connects to, or extends Fathom Analytics.

For sure do these awesome things

Please don’t do these things

Doing any of the above will force us to terminate your API key and/or remove your account from our services.

Powered by badges

Feel free to use our powered by badges to show that your product works with ours. There are badges for both light and dark backgrounds.

Powered by Fathom Analytics Powered by Fathom Analytics Powered by Fathom Analytics Powered by Fathom Analytics

Download these badges


When in doubt, send us an email to check to see if what you’re doing or planning on doing fits the above criteria.

If you’d like to report someone who you feel is doing the things we ask people not to do, please get in touch (so we can talk to our legal department about it).