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Fathom Analytics brand guidelines and assets

Our product is called "Fathom Analytics" or (this one is optional of course) "The best ever website analytics". Our name is not "UseFathom" or "Use Fathom" or "FathomAnalytics". You can also refer to our company as "Fathom Analytics" as we DBA with that name.

If the word "Analytics" appears in the same sentence, then it's ok to just refer to use as "Fathom". For example: "Fathom is a great alternative to Google Analytics". In that case, it's ok to just say "Fathom". Otherwise, it's "Fathom Analytics".

You can download our logo here

The files are vector (SVG). Please do not edit the design, colours, or aspect ratio of our logo when using it.

Fathom AnalyticsFathom Analytics

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Fathom Analytics is simpler, more accurate and privacy-first. Import your Google Analytics data (UA and GA4), add our single line of code, and watch real-time analytics from your site pour in.

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