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About Fathom Analytics

Fathom Analytics provides simple, privacy-focused website analytics software to our amazing customers. We’ve been doing this for several years now, and we’ll be doing it for many years to come.

Bootstrapped and independent

When we say that our customers come first, it’s not just some flowery mission statement, it’s how we’ve operated from day one.

We don’t have investors who are looking for huge returns, and there are no stakeholders other than the two partners (Jack Ellis and Paul Jarvis). We’re profitable, pay ourselves a full-time salary, and focus on making Fathom amazing for the folks who use it.

Fathom has always been bootstrapped, fiercely independent and fully self-funded. The only people we answer to are our customers.

Fathom Analytics wasn’t started to be a quick build and cash out scheme. Our only strategy is to exist and be profitable for the long term.

We don’t have millions in venture capital money. In fact, we’ve turned down multiple investors and have no use for venture capital. We don’t need to hit a big return on investment for anyone, we’re already profitable, and we can focus solely on being sustainable. Heck, Paul wrote the book on staying small and focusing on customer happiness (translated into 18 languages).

Thousands of people already trust our analytics software because they hear about us through friends and colleagues. From tiny businesses like ours, to Fortune 500s, to leaders in the Open Web, to governments—our customers range widely across sectors, but all have a shared interest in privacy and simplicity. Our customers are excited to recommend Fathom to folks they know, and word spreads organically.

By using Fathom, you are supporting a vision of the internet where small companies sustain themselves by making money selling software at fair and sustainable prices.

We’re bootstrapped and independent, not because we have to be, but because that’s the way we like it. We focus on customers, not investors and shareholders. We want to be human and personal in how we interact with those who trust us. We’re proud to be able to operate our business in this way, and we do it because we have the support of our favourite people… our customers.

Privacy as our business model

We don’t market digital privacy because we think we can make fast money from it. We are a company that fundamentally believes in digital privacy and can’t fathom (bad pun, we know) building software without privacy in mind. We charge money for our software because that’s our business model. If you aren’t paying for a product, you are the product.

Our privacy officer, Rie Aleksandra Walle, oversees all things privacy, including managing the personal data inventory, privacy risk assessments and DPIAs, policies, procedures and data governance in the business. She drives privacy-related awareness and keeps us continuously up to speed on relevant regulatory changes, globally. Every customer using Fathom Analytics can trust that we don't just say we take privacy seriously, we are fully committed to it.

Fathom doesn’t use cookies, we protect and anonymize website visitors, we don’t sell or share data, and we support worldwide legislation to protect the privacy of every single citizen of the internet. We care about and fully support GDPR, CCPA and various other ePrivacy laws.

Software should be simple

You shouldn’t need a computer science degree or a 96-lesson online academy to learn how to use Fathom. We are tireless in our pursuit of making our software as easy to use and simple as possible.

Our dashboard is a single page. Our code snippet is tiny and helps your SEO (by increasing your page load speed). You don’t need to annoy your website visitors with an invasive cookie popup. Our support isn’t laced with nerdy jargon. You can bypass ad-blockers and see the entirety of your stats. Check out our demo, or start a free trial and see what we mean about simple and easy.

Normal folks use Fathom every day because they can get what they need from our data to make smart business decisions.

Small and mighty

Although Fathom is a two person team, we use enterprise-grade resources to keep our servers always-online and “super duper fast”. Our code snippet loads quickly on our customers’ websites, regardless of where in the world a visitor is coming from. We invest in the architecture that runs our software so we don’t ever have to worry about it, and neither do our customers.

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