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We’re standing up to big tech

Big tech companies promised us all the moon but delivered us a dumpster fire instead. They told us that everyone could have "free" software, then monetized it by abusing our personal data without asking.

Google Analytics has their tracking code on 85% of websites on the internet. They don't charge customers for their software because mining our private habits and targeting us with ads is so darn profitable.

As citizens of the internet ourselves, we knew the internet deserved better. That's why we invented the world's first simple, privacy-focused analytics software: Fathom.

  • Billions of pageviews
  • Thousands of customers
  • Sustainable & profitable
  • 3 years in business
  • 0 personal data sold

Fathom is used by companies who care about your privacy

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The story (so far)

Fathom started with a tweet and a screenshot.

We were frustrated because website analytics had never really innovated. So we sat down and drew up what we thought a dashboard could look like if we didn’t compromise simplicity and privacy.

The screenshot was shared for fun, but it spread like wildfire. Soon hundreds of people were offering to pay for the real thing. So, we built it. First, as an open-source project (which has now been downloaded millions of times). Then, as a paid and hosted product, which is the Fathom you see today.

Since that fateful tweet, we’ve grown to serve thousands of customers worldwide, become the leader in privacy-first software, and have processed billions of page views, all without ever collecting a single piece of personal visitor information.

While the design changed quite a lot since that first tweet, our commitment to never compromising those initial values has not.

Here’s to never compromising,

Paul & Jack,
Co-founders of Fathom

Jack Ellis Paul Jarvis

We're happily small tech

We don't chase Venture Capital or need investors— we're customer-funded, proudly bootstrapped, and they're the only folks we answer to. We don't put hyper-growth customer acquisition above retaining and keeping the customers we already have happy. Our most significant sales pipeline is the folks who are already paying us, telling everyone they know to give Fathom a try.

Fathom is run by Jack (developer and teacher) and Paul (designer and author). And yes, we're a small team based in Canada. Still, we've invested heavily in enterprise-grade resources to keep our servers always-online, super-fast, and extremely resilient. We also take security very seriously.

Our business model is privacy by design

Digital privacy isn't a marketing gimmick or get-rich-quick scheme for us - it's how we've operated and built our business since day one. We charge a fair price for Fathom because our business model is selling software, not data.

Our privacy officer, Rie Aleksandra Walle, oversees all things privacy, including managing the personal data inventory, privacy risk assessments and DPIAs, policies, procedures and data governance in the business. She drives privacy-related awareness and keeps us continuously up to speed on relevant regulatory changes, globally. Every customer using Fathom Analytics can trust that we don't just say we take privacy seriously, we are fully committed to it.

We pioneered the world's first "privacy-focused visits method" that's now become an industry standard. We've invested heavily in privacy law compliance and even supported amendments to existing privacy laws. Digital privacy isn't just how we market - it's how we operate.

How we operate a privacy-first business

We're sustainable by nature

We created Fathom to provide website analytics to our customers for the long haul. Fathom is and always has been happily bootstrapped, fiercely independent and entirely self-funded. As a fully profitable company (including our salaries), we're completely sustainable indefinitely (because we charge a fair price for our software).

We aren't looking for colossal cash-outs or Venture Capital infusions. We've been profitable since the start. Our customers stick around because we provide them with friendly, humane support. With decades of combined business experience, we know how to run and sustain a company.

We turned down $1m+ in funding

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