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Website analytics without compromise

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For the longest time, website analytics software was seriously bad. It was hard to understand, time-consuming to use, and worse, it exploited visitor data for big tech to profit.

Fathom is website analytics that doesn't suck. We revolutionized website analytics by making them easy to use and respectful of privacy laws (like GDPR and more).

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Privacy isn't a gimmick

Our entire company is built on putting digital privacy first. We're GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy, PECR (and more) compliant, and all EU visitor traffic is processed via EU Isolation to ensure compliance with the Schrems II ruling and avoid hefty fines.

See all your visitors (not just half)

Millions of people use browser plugins to block scripts. That's why we pioneered the method for by-passing ad blockers, so you get the full picture of who's visiting your site without invading anyone's privacy.

Our script is fast

Our embed code loads faster than Google Analytics, meaning we're better for your SEO than they are. The script loads from all over the world, from the place closest to the person visiting your site.

We sell software, not data

This is why we created anonymous pageview tracking that doesn't collect or store personal data (we have no use for it). Because of this, Fathom doesn't require annoying cookie notices.

See all our features Why choose Fathom? The best Google Analytics alternative with a focus on privacy.

Getting started with Fathom is easy

Gain valuable insights into your website or web application all without spying on anyone in just a few, quick steps. And, if you get stuck, our support is always on hand to help you get things up and running.

Step 1

Sign up for an account

Start with a 7-day free trial, then pricing starts at $14/month.

Step 2

Add our script

It's a single line of code that works with every site, web app and CMS.

Step 3

See your stats

Your Fathom dashboard will start showing you real-time data.

Fathom is trusted by thousands of businesses to power their privacy-first website analytics

What kind of companies use Fathom? Fortune 100s, pioneers of the Open Web, Premier League football clubs, banks, and governments around the world all use our software to provide them with a privacy-focused and easy-to-use alternative to Google Analytics. Not to mention loads of small and mighty companies are Fathom customers as well.

Fathom is used by companies who care about your privacy

IBM Fastmail Github Transistor Buffer Tailwind Tuple Docsketch SavvyCal Whitney Museum of American Art
Joel Gascoigne

Wow, what a breath of fresh air. I love how simple Fathom is, and it really gives you all the traffic metrics you could need.

Joel Gascoigne, CEO of Buffer
Charli Marie

I switched to Fathom because it’s an ethical analytics tool that I trust. It gives me everything I want to know about my site's performance.

Charli Marie, Creative director of ConvertKit

I value my time and my website visitors right to privacy. That’s why I’ve switched to Fathom Analytics.

Marshall Shorts, founder of Artfluential
Jon Henshaw

Fathom simplifies the task of analyzing site performance while simultaneously respecting my visitors' privacy. Also, it’s a joy to use.

Jon Henshaw, founder of Coywolf
Justin Jackson

Today, so many big tech corps are abusing our privacy. This is why I use Fathom. They’re an analytics company I can trust.

Justin Jackson, Cofounder of Transistor
Derrick Reimer

Privacy-protections aside, I love the beautifully simple interface. Fathom is now part of my default stack.

Derrick Reimer, founder of SavvyCal
Ben Orenstein

I’m deeply opposed to cookie banners. Using Fathom means I don't have to compromise my morals.

Ben Orenstein, cofounder of Tuple
Ruben Gamez

I consider Fathom a "must have" tool if you want to understand what's happening with your website traffic—it's simple, speedy, and accurate.

Ruben Gamez, founder Docsketch & Bidsketch
Miguel Piedrafita

Not only is their product and support awesome, but they've shown how much they actually care about their privacy-focused mission.

Miguel Piedrafita, founder of Sitesauce
Caleb Porzio

After switching to Fathom for my web properties, I find I'm more attentive to my sites because I'm always aware of how many people are on them and which pages are most popular.

Caleb Porzio, creator of Alpine.js

Fathom integrates easily with all content management systems and developer frameworks

We built Fathom from the very start to be privacy-focused and easy to use. Our business model is honest yet unusual for the startup scene: we charge a fair price for our software (instead of giving it away for free, then selling your data to generate revenue).

Our customers come first because they’re our only investors—we don’t have venture capital funding, bank loans, or other shareholders we answer to. Instead, we’re happily independent and bootstrapped.

We grow sustainability when our customers tell their friends about Fathom, agencies start using us for all their client websites, or when reviewers try several analytics products and end up choosing us. This is the way we like it.

By supporting a company like ours, you are taking a step towards a shared vision of the internet that aligns with ours: away from the watchful eyes of big tech, based on trust and privacy, and all without compromising reliability, speed or quality of support.

Fathom began as an idea that a tech company could be run and grow without compromising our values. Fathom started as an analytics product that could be privacy-focused and simple without compromising the value of its data.

We’re proud of how we run our business, sell our product and serve our customers. And of course, we hope you’ll join us.

Paul & Jack,
co-founders of Fathom
Jack Ellis Paul Jarvis

We host a bi-weekly podcast, Above Board, discussing privacy and business in the digital age.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use the same plan for multiple websites?
Yes, you can add up to 50 sites/dashboards under a single plan, and they all share your monthly page views. If you need more, contact us for pricing.
How long do you store my analytics data?
Forever. Meaning, as long as you are a customer, you can access your data all the way back to when you signed up for an account. 7 days, or even 30 days, doesn't give you a clear enough picture of if your website is trending up or down, which is why we give you data retention forever.
How do I add the embed code to my website?
You paste it into the header of any website or content management system. It’s one single line of code and will never slow down your website’s speed. Our software easily integrates with all content management and software tools, such as Wordpress, Ghost, Squarespace, Next.js, Vue and more.
What happens if I go over my page view limit?
We never charge for occasional traffic spikes, nor do we ever shut your account off if you reach your plan limit early. Instead, if you go over your plan two months in a row or within the first month of joining Fathom, we let you know we’re upgrading your account. From there, you can decide to stay or cancel your account (no hard feelings either way). You can even export your data if you leave.
Why isn’t Fathom free like Google Analytics?
If you aren't paying for a product, you are the product. That's why Google Analytics is free, because they make enough money off the personal data their customers give them by using their analytics service. We charge a small and sustainable fee for Fathom because our business model is selling software, not data (these are very different business models). Our customers gladly pay for our service because they know their data is safe with us and their visitors' privacy is protected. As a profitable business, we're in this for the long haul.
Why does digital privacy even matter?
You may think that digital privacy doesn’t matter because you have nothing to hide. And that may be true (to some extent), but your data shouldn’t be monetized and sold by giant tech companies who are taking your tastes and preferences and selling them to advertisers (including companies like Cambridge Analytica). These companies are following you around the internet, keeping track of what you do, and then using that knowledge to sell you things or manipulate your thoughts. By using Fathom, you are making your website a black hole to big tech, meaning they cannot track any data about individuals who visit your website.
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Website analytics deserved better, so we built a better website analytics tool

Fathom is easy-yet-powerful website analytics that protects digital privacy. Trusted by Fortune 100s, banks, governments and companies of every size. Begin with a 7-day free trial, and then pricing starts at $14/month.

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