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A Google Analytics alternative that’s simple & privacy-first

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Ditch complex, intrusive web analytics for Fathom - a better Google Analytics alternative. Experience ease of use, forever data retention, and complete, worry-free GDPR compliance - all while protecting your time and your visitors' digital privacy.

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The simple, privacy-first alternative to Google Analytics

Analytics for Huberman Lab are solely powered by Fathom. It's such a pleasure to use compared to Google Analytics. There's just the right number of features, and their platform is incredibly intuitive.

Ian Mackey, Huberman Lab Ian Mackey, Huberman Lab
Join thousands of companies already using Fathom Analytics
Mclaren Automative
Huberman Lab
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Ditch Google Analytics

At Fathom, we strongly believe that analytics tools should be insightful, not invasive. This is why we created a privacy-focused, simple software tool that offers valuable insights without the complexity.

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Get setup in minutes

Our script is a single line of code that works with any website, CMS or framework. Set up in minutes and start collecting real-time data without prior technical knowledge. Our analytics software is designed to be easily understood instantly.

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Comply with privacy laws

We've hired the best lawyers and legal minds worldwide to ensure our simple analytics software is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy, PECR and more, providing essential insights into traffic sources without compromising privacy.

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See more accurate data

Our real-time analytics blocks bots, scrapers and spam traffic—showing you only real, human visits. This gives you the flexibility to collect data for (and only pay for) exactly the data you want to see and make decisions about.

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Say no to cookie banners

Fathom anonymizes IP addresses and other visitor data without using cookies. That means you don't have to clutter your site or slow it down with cookie consent banners and notices for your site's analytics.

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Join the movement

Thousands of companies, including Fortune 100s, pioneers of the Open Web, and governments, have switched from Google Analytics to Fathom for ease of use, better privacy, and more accurate metrics.

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Different. In a good way.

For a long time, web analytics tools have been seriously broken. Pages upon pages of reports to click. Training and certifications required. And, worst of all, it was offered for “free,” so tech companies could profit wildly from all of our personal data.

Our software is something quite different. Our software protects your time and your visitors' digital privacy.

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A better Google Analytics alternative

Tired of complex dashboards, restricted access to data and your legal team is giving you a headache?

Unlike Google Analytics, Fathom protects your visitors digital privacy, is easier to use and guarantees perpetual data retention.


Privacy isn't just a feature; it's our foundation. With top-tier legal experts from around the globe, we ensure Fathom is fully compliant with stringent privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy, PECR, and more, satisfying even the most exacting legal teams.

We go beyond compliance – we champion privacy. Fathom operates on a zero personal data collection principle, preventing identification of individual users. This also means, you can say goodbye to intrusive cookie banners and consent pop-ups.

Simple to use

Embrace web analytics that anyone can master. Fathom's intuitive dashboard brings you the essential insights without the clutter. Real-time metrics and instant filters offer a clear view of your site's performance, while one-click exports and comprehensive UTM tracking simplify your data analysis.

Our focus on user experience means you get key metrics at a glance, with no training required. Quickly see key metrics like traffic sources, bounce rate, visitor country & browser, event completions and more.

With Fathom, analytics becomes a seamless part of your workflow, not a time-consuming task.

Own your data

Your analytics, your rules. Fathom puts customers in the driver's seat with unrestricted, lifetime access to your data. Unlike traditional analytics platforms that hold your data hostage to their terms and timeframes, we believe in complete transparency and control.

Every metric, visitor interaction, and insight generated is yours—permanently. And with hassle-free data export, you can wield your stats however you see fit.

Wow, what a breath of fresh air. I love how simple Fathom is, and it really gives you all the traffic metrics you could need.

Joel Gascoigne Joel Gascoigne
CEO of Buffer

I switched to Fathom because it’s an ethical analytics tool that I trust. It gives me everything I want to know about my site's performance.

Charli Marie Charli Marie
Creative director of ConvertKit

I consider Fathom a must have tool if you want to understand what's happening with your website traffic—it's simple, speedy, and accurate.

Ruben Gamez Ruben Gamez
Founder Signwell & Bidsketch

After switching to Fathom for my web properties, I find I'm more attentive to my sites because I'm always aware of how many people are on them and which pages are most popular.

Caleb Porzio Caleb Porzio
Creator of Alpine.js

They are the best Google Analytics alternative who really care about privacy and simplicity. Fathom’s simple dashboard with clear metrics makes it easy to understand what's happening across all web properties.

Jessica Joyce Jessica Joyce
SEO Expert

Fathom is a great Google Analytics alternative because it is focused on protecting visitors’ privacy and does not bog down loading times, leading to faster websites with better SEO.

Nathalie Lussier Nathalie Lussier
Founder of

Google Analytics vs Fathom Analytics

See a direct comparison to understand what makes Fathom a better alternative to Google Analytics.





Several EU countries have ruled that it’s legally risky to use Google Analytics (even with a consent notice).


Strong focus on privacy, and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy & PECR. Also invented a method for processing EU visitor data on EU servers.



May track individual users and may sell this data later to advertising companies or data brokers.


Doesn't track individual users and doesn't use cookies. All data is anonymized.

Complexity & UX


Difficult to integrate. Cluttered dashboard and endless report pages make the user experience poor.


Easy to integrate. Intuitive dashboard allows you to see actionable insights instantly, without prior knowledge.

Data accuracy


Data is sampled and can take 24-48 hours to appear in GA (outside of "active user" view).


Real-time analytics data is instant, without bot traffic or machine learning adjustments.

Data retention


Limited to up to 14 months. Meaning Google deletes your data after (at most) 14 months.


Gives you unrestricted access to all collected data, forever. Data is never deleted and always available to customers.

On top of all that, Fathom offers many additional features that Google Analytics does not. Ability to see multiple sites in a single dashboard, email reports & straightforward data export to name few. You can see the full list of features here.

Ready for a switch? We also make it easy to import your historical Google Analytics data.

Start a 30-day free trial

We’ll even email you before your trial ends
to ensure you want to start paying for our software.
All the features you need in your analytics software

Our featuresHow Fathom works

Features you need, no training required

Event tracking

Use custom events to collect user interactions like newsletter sign-ups, link + button clicks or ecommerce sales, and get valuable insights for optimizing your campaigns.

Get detailed reports

Send email reports every week or month so that you can keep track of your metrics without logging in.

Campaigns & newsletters

Use UTMs to collect data on how much traffic your campaigns generate and see how well they convert into revenue.

Keep data forever

That means 20 years from now, customers can still see their data from the day they first started using our software.

Great for your SEO

Our script is lightweight and fast-loading, meaning switching from Google Analytics to Fathom won't hurt your SEO rankings in any way.

Handle any traffic spikes

If an A-list influencer shares your site on social media or your blog post goes viral, your analytics won't slow down or get shut off.

We're happily Big Small Tech

We're a purposeful, four-person team and we don't need (or want) funding or investors. The only people we answer to are our customers.

Designed for developers

Our API is easy to use and so powerful we use it ourselves to load data onto customer dashboards in our software.

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Integrate with the tools and tech stack you already use

Fathom integrates with everything. Seriously. Our lightweight script is just 2kB in your source code. You can add it to any CMS, framework or technology you're already using. From content management systems like WordPress to progressive frameworks like Next.JS and Vue.JS to other software like ConvertKit, we've got your covered.

Even if you don't see a plugin or integration here, since our embed process is so simple, you can add our analytics script to anything.

Trusted on 100,000+ websites and counting

Companies worldwide, from startups to the biggest corporations, have switched to Fathom Analytics for its reliability, ease of use and focus on privacy. Our software is a simple and private Google Analytics alternative that takes a few minutes to set up and use.

Mclaren Automative IBM Bosch GitHub Laravel New York Times HashiCorp Huberman Lab Tuple Tailwind CSS Aston Villa Football Club Bootstrap

Our new Vue.js website has been using Fathom because I like how it’s lightweight and respects user privacy.

Evan You Evan You
Creator of Vue.js

Fathom simplifies the task of analyzing site performance while simultaneously respecting my visitors' privacy. Also, it’s a joy to use.

Jon Henshaw Jon Henshaw
Founder of Coywolf

Today, so many big tech corps are abusing our privacy. This is why I use Fathom. They’re an analytics company I can trust.

Justin Jackson Justin Jackson
Cofounder of Transistor

I value my time and my website visitors' right to digital privacy. That’s why I’ve switched to Fathom.

Marshall Shorts Marshall Shorts
Founder of Artfluential

Privacy-protections aside, I love the beautifully simple interface. Fathom is now part of my default stack.

Derrick Reimer Derrick Reimer
Founder of SavvyCal

I’m deeply opposed to cookie banners. Using Fathom means I don't have to compromise my morals.

Ben Orenstein Ben Orenstein
Cofounder of Tuple

Getting started is simple and easy

Gain valuable insights into your website or web application in just a few steps. And, if you get stuck, our support team is always on hand to help you get things up and running.

Step 1

Sign up for an account

Start with a 30-day free trial. Then pricing starts at $15/month.

Step 2

Add our script

It’s a single line of code that works with every site, web app and CMS.

Step 3

See your stats

Your dashboard will start showing you real-time data.

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Frequently asked questions (and answers)

What happens if I go over my datapoint limit?

We don’t charge for occasional spikes or stop collecting stats on your account if you reach your plan limit early. We have a fair billing policy and let you know when it's time to upgrade (based on a 2-month rolling average of pageviews and events).

What does Fathom Analytics do with my data?

We make it easily accessible to you, and that’s it. We don’t mine your data, sell it, use it for retargeting, or have any interest in it other than keeping it available for you. We sell our software, not data.

How long does Fathom Analytics keep my data?

Forever. Our data retention policy for all customers on all plans is that we never delete your data. Unlike most other analytics companies who keep your data for 30 days to 5 years (i.e. not long at all), we retain your data to view your dashboard forever. As long as you're a paying customer, your data is available to you forever.

Is Fathom Analytics free?

If you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product. Google Analytics is free, so the data you collect for them about your website visitors is the product. They’re an advertising company and make billions by knowing as much as possible about all of us. That’s why we charge a reasonable price for our software (we don’t have to or want to sell data).

What is the best Google Analytics alternative?

Fathom is the best Google analytics alternative and here's why: Google Analytics is problematic on several fronts: they killed off their most popular product (UA) and are legally risky in several countries where Data Protection Authorities have found the use of Google Analytics to be legally risky. Whereas Fathom is a better alternative to Google Analytics—it's lightning fast, more accurate, and fully align with the GDPR and the ePrivacy directive.

Why is Fathom Analytics better than EU-only providers?

As per the GDPR (Schrems II ruling), “EU visitor data has to be processed in the EU on servers provided by an EU hosting provider or a hosting provider with an adequacy ruling”. This is exactly what we do for EU visitors. But that doesn’t mean visitor data from everywhere else should be processed in the EU, as that slows everything down. That’s why we intelligently route visitor data to multiple locations worldwide, not just the EU.

Is Fathom Analytics a GDPR compliant Google Analytics alternative?

Our software GDPR compliant by design. The fundamental goal of the GDPR regulation is to protect the privacy and personal data of people in the EU. With everything we do, we ask ourselves whether it poses any risk to our customers’ website visitors. We also have a lawful basis for the processing we do and we run privacy risk assessments and GDPR audits.

Have more questions? Learn more in our help centre or get in touch.

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Switch to a better Google Analytics alternative

Fathom Analytics is simpler, more accurate and privacy-first. Import your Google Analytics data (UA and GA4), add our single line of code, and watch real-time analytics from your site pour in.

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