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Fathom, simple analytics for bloggers & businesses

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Over 1 million people use our software to know what’s important and popular on their websites, all from a single, blazingly-fast dashboard.

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One screen, in real-time

Our analytics platform isn’t infinite pages of reports and screens—everything is available on a single, well designed screen. Get what you need, then move on with your day.

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Cookie notices not required

We don’t collect personal or invasive data about your users, nor do we use cookies, meaning you don’t have to show pesky notices to users about cookie tracking. We’re GDPR compliant too.

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Grows without slowing you down

Our on-demand, auto-scaling servers will never slow your site down. Our tracker file is served via our super-fast CDN, with endpoints located around the world to ensure fast page loads.

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Instantly ready for huge spikes

Our software is built to handle billions of page views, so huge traffic spikes are tracked easily and don’t ever slow down your site. Our fair pricing model protects you from big bills for occasional overages.

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Fathom has been featured on Fast Company, Github, Product Hunt and HackerNews for being a simple and easy-to-use alternative to Google Analytics

Seb Noël, founder of alligator.io & Paleo Leap

I needed a tool that tells me how many visitors the site gets, what the most popular pages are, and who are referrals are. I don’t like the idea of having more data points than I need. Fathom does exactly that.

Seb Noël, founder of alligator.io & Paleo Leap
Oskar Krawczyk, cofounder of Jsfiddle

Developers are pretty tech-savvy people, and these days very privacy-cautious–they understand how scripts follow you across the internet, that’s why we choose Fathom, because they don’t do that.

Oskar Krawczyk, cofounder of JSFiddle

We host a weekly podcast, Above Board, discussing privacy and business in the digital age

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Fathom is a simple yet powerful website analytics platform. It shows you what you need to know about your website on a single screen, without tracking or storing your visitors’ personal information. Pricing starts at $14/month for 100,000 page views and you can cancel anytime. Check out our pricing plans and get started with a free trial.

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